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Effective Property Drainage

Property Drainage

Property Drainage is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to ensure a dry basement. E & M Waterproofing can customize a system that will ensure your property is free from flooding. At E & M Waterproofing we can a design a system consisting of Drywells, Gutter Emitters, Catch Basins, and other techniques that will divert surface water.

Diagram of a House With Water and a Few Barrels

Your Gutter’s downpounts can be one of the leading causes of water pooling in your yard. We can attach your gutters to a dry well or a gutter emitter. A Gutter Emitter is a 4 inch pipe installed underground that diverts water away from the base of the foundation.  

A Sprinkler Watering a Lawn

If you are experincing water pooling that is making your yard unuseable after it rains. We can construct a system of catch basins attached to a drywell. Catch basins set up in a series will divert surface water to an underground drywell, which is in tern will cause your back yard to dry out faster and keep water away from your house resulting in a dry basement. We can also implement channel drains, exteriour french drain systems as well as land grading to divert away from your house. All above drainage systems can be used in conjuction with a drywell, a pump or down grade to a low laying area.

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