Dry Well Solutions

Lot Drainage Solutions - Dry Wells

A four-inch PVC pipe will be connected from a flooding window(s) to a dry well. This dry well is excavated 6 to 7 foot in-depth and is made of fifty-six septic blocks.

Dry wells are installed ten feet away from foundation walls.

Gravel is then leveled inside window wells. The area is left clean and in order. Surface drains and leaching fields are a series of catch basins and 4″ piping that divert water to dry wells.

What is a Dry Well?

This is a structure that uses gravity to direct the unwanted water to a place where it won’t damage your house. A Dry Well redirects the water and redistributes it in a way that slows it down.

Usually, it is a pit underground filled with gravel. Dry Wells are made to take in a large amount of water and then distribute it slowly.

“A dry well is a passive structure. Water flows through it under the influence of gravity. A dry well receives water from one or more entry pipes or channels at its top and discharges the same water through a number of small exit openings distributed over a larger surface area in the side(s) and bottom of the dry well.”

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