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What Is A Dry Well?

A dry well is an underground structure that gets rid of unwanted water by leading it to a new location. Dry wells have porous walls. This type of system allows the water to percolate through the walls and leads it further underground. Dry wells are often built in parking lots, and yards to move water underground. They are powered by gravity and can be attached to more than one pipe or source. Drywells can be attached to your home’s gutters, window wells, and catch basins.

How do we Install Drywell?

  • We Install our drywells a minimum of 10 feet from your home’s foundation.
  • We Hand Dig (No Machinery tearing up your landscape)
  • Our Drywells are constructed of septic blocks and designed according to each application.
  • We warranty our drywells for ten years.
Diagram of a House With Water and a Few Barrels

Flooded Window Wells

Window well Flooding is a common problem on the north shore of Long Island due to soil being predominantly clay and rock. Anyone that has dug in clay soil knows how dense it can be and how long it stays wet for. When a fast-moving rainstorm moves in the area, soil becomes so saturated that windows wells begin to fill up with water which results in water entering your basement from around the window frame.

What’s the fix?

Window Well Drain – Our process begins with installing a hand dug drywell that is located a minimum of ten feet from your home’s foundation. The next step in the process is trenching a 4-inch pipe from the bottom of the window well. The 4-inch pipe will act as our drain and will allow water to travel from the window well to our hand dug drywell.

Window Well taps – Window well taps are used in conjunction with a French Drain. Window well taps are 1 ½ PVC pipes that are attached to the French drain channel. They are set in such a way that if the window wells begin to fill up with water, the drains will activate and direct the water into the French drain. The French drain channel will carry the water to the Sump Pump and then be ejected from your home, resulting in a dry basement.

Window Well Drain

We can install a widow well drain that is connected to a hand dug drywell that will ensure that your window wells will not fill up with water. Channel drains, Catch basins, and 4-inch pipe can be used to divert water away from your homes foundation resulting in a dry basement. Drywells can be attached to gutters to redirect water away from your home. We can also design a Property Drainage System that will ensure pooling water is directed towards our drywells. All our work is guaranteed for 10 years please contact us for a free evaluation.