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Egress Window / Escape Window

  • What is an Egress Window?
    An Egress window, also known as an escape window is a window that is large enough to allow a person to exit in an emergency such as a fire.
  • Do I need an Egress/ Escape Window?
    YES! It’s the law…… If you have a bedroom or a finished basement, it is a state and federal requirement to have an egress window well system.
  • Why choose Us?
    Typically, our code-compliant egress windows are installed in one day and come with a 10-year guarantee. Our guarantee doesn’t stop at the Egress Well System, we guarantee the section of the foundation to be free from leaks.
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  • What is our process?
    • All our Egress Windows are hand dug. (No machinery tearing up your lawn)
    • We Install a plastic Barrier to limited dust in your home.
    • Cut the Foundation and Install the Window.
    • Waterproof foundation.
    • Install Drywell and Window Well.
    • Backfill and cart away excess dirt.
    • Enjoy the added safety and additional sunlight in your basement.
Kid in the Escape Window

E&M Waterproofing is an authorized Bowman Kemp Egress Installer. All our worked is guaranteed for 10 Years and is usually completed in one day. Many contractors offer egress installation services however, they don’t waterproof the foundation or install proper drainage which results in your basement becoming flooded. When E & M installs an Egress / Escape Window not only do we guarantee the window installation we guarantee that section of your home’s foundation to be free from water penetration. If you are looking to add value to your home and make your basement into a code compliant livable space, contact us for free consultation.

Kid Climbing in the Escape Window