Property Drainage

Property Drainage is another great solution for keeping your basement dry. 

Water tends to leak into the basement directly through the walls and floors, which are made of concrete. Concrete, despite being a tough, reliable material, is porous by nature. Water is mixed into cement for hydration, which causes gaps in the material while it is being poured directly into the foundation.

We are unable to see these pours in the walls or floors, meaning water can leak through quite easily. The only thing holding back more water from seeping upwards through the basement floors is the water itself. It requires pressure to soak in through the concrete pours.

A four-inch PVC pipe will be connected from a flooding window(s) to a dry well. This dry well is excavated 6 to 7 feet in depth and is made of fifty-six septic blocks.

Dry wells are installed ten feet away from foundation walls.

Gravel is then leveled inside window wells. The area is left clean and in order. Surface drains and leaching fields are a series of catch basins and 4″ piping that divert water to dry wells.