As a homeowner, there is quite a bit you need to be worried about, especially if your house is an old one with decaying walls. In the basement, things often get overlooked by those living within the home. People only go into the basement to perform a few simple tasks, such as doing laundry or storing goods out of sight. If you have a workshop or a spare bedroom downstairs, however, you tend to take notice of little changes more often. One such change that many homeowners commonly experience is the basement walls beginning to leak with excess water.

If you're unsure about the condition of your basement or crawl space or have any other home waterproofing questions, contact us today at E&M Waterproofing! We understand the structure of your basement and your entire New York home. We also understand the weather concerns you are facing.  We can help keep your home cozy and dry, with property drainage among other services, for many seasons to come, no matter where you live in the NYC and Long Island area.