Foundation Wall Waterproofing

Here's another solution to protecting your building's foundation from water leakage.

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Foundation Wall Waterproofing Long Island


When you find a leak in the wall or the flooring of your basement, the first option is to inject the crack or gap using an expanding polyurethane. The material remains flexible after being cured and prevents foundation movement by stopping the crack from being re-opened in the future.

Alternatively, should the crack be completely inaccessible from the interior of your basement, you can repair the issue from the outside using sodium bentonite clay. The clay will form a permanent barrier on the exterior of your foundation, preventing water from entering the crack and your basement.

If the seepage stems from mortar joints in the basement, the way to fix the problem is to install an exterior waterproofing membrane on the affected wall. The material forms a waterproof barrier that can be covered using insulation material or heavy-duty boards built specifically for drainage. Exterior options are also available, carrying huge amounts of groundwater from your home's foundation to an installed sump pump nearby.