Protection Against Basement Floods

Basement Waterproofing Cost

Having your basement flooded is not a fun position to be in as a homeowner. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not just to the house itself but also to any items you may have in storage in the basement. Even minor flooding with several inches of water can cost up to $10,000, with bigger and more serious flooding costing anywhere from $25,000 and even up to $50,000! (click here for more information on this issue) With such high costs, it can definitely be a hassle to try and repair a flooded basement, even if the flooding is minimal. According to the article mentioned, the amount of time that the basement stays flooded can be an issue as well. If the water remains in the basement for a long time, mold can start to grow in the basement, which can be a serious health hazard, as well as a nuisance. What if the situation could be avoided in the first place? Is there a way to make sure that your basement does not get flooded, to begin with?

Basement Flood Repair

Thanks to E & M Basement Waterproofing, you can avoid having the hassle of dealing with a flooded basement. E & M Basement Waterproofing takes care of all your basement waterproofing needs, from lot drainage to hydrostatic pressure relief system. They also provide exterior foundation waterproofing and will dehumidify your basement, among other services. In other words, E & M has all the services to make sure that your basement is dry and stays that way. To see all the services that E & M provides, check out their website.

Long Island NYC Basement Floods

E & M Basement Waterproofing has been servicing the Tri-State area since 1979 and service Long Island and all five boroughs of New York City. They are family-owned as well, so you can be assured of their quality and their personal touch in all the work they do. Let E & M Basement Waterproofing make sure that your basement does not have to endure flooding and all the costs it incurs. Once E & M Basement Waterproofing assists you, you can rest assured that your basement will stay nice and dry. Check out their website and waterproof your basement today!