E&M Waterproofing Provides Economical Solutions to Basement Flooding

If your basement is frequently damp and musty with occasional small pools of water present following heavy rainstorms, you may have one or more leaks in your foundation. Over time, due to the natural shifts and the settling that occurs after a home has been constructed, walls develop small cracks that slowly turn into larger ones, thus necessitating the need for repairs.

At E&M Waterproofing, we take the time to evaluate the situation by taking a problem-solving approach to your waterproofing needs. We will thoroughly examine your basement or crawl space to determine the cause of your problem. In addition to cracks in your foundation, wet basements can be due to other problems, such as groundwater pressure, leaking window wells, or even poor drainage. We make it a point to get to the root of your problem and apply the best dry basement strategy to make your home comfortable.

Waterproof Basements Nassau County

E&M Waterproofing offers many different services for homeowners in Nassau, Suffolk, and Bayshore, NY, areas, as well as surrounding communities and all five boroughs of New York City. Established in 1979, this family-owned business prides itself on developing basement waterproofing plans that are designed for long-term sustainability.

Additionally, we offer is basement humidifiers. If your humidifier runs constantly, it's not up to the job at hand. Investing in a high-capacity unit makes sense as it will remove water more efficiently and save you money on your electricity bills in the long run. Your basement will have less mold and mildew and it will feel more comfortable too.

Basement Flood Repair Long Island NY

Hydrostatic pressure is a problem that most people don't think about, yet it can build up over the years. French drains can relieve this pressure, especially after heavy rains. Groundwater is everywhere as it is absorbed into the soil. As the water table rises following heavy rain, that water tends to gravitate towards the easiest escape route, which often is the floor drain in your basement. The construction of a French drain will alleviate hydrostatic pressure and move water away from your house is an economical solution.

If you have a wet or humid basement, contact the professionals and E&M Waterproofing for a free consultation that will help economically rectify the problem.